Scholarship Resources!

The State of Florida funds different types of scholarships as part of the School Choice Program. BSMC accepts these state-funded scholarships for those who qualify for them according to the state’s eligibility criteria. For more information about the School Choice Program, visit

    • McKay Scholarship:  This state-funded scholarship is for students with an identified learning disability. Those who are eligible should apply online at
    • Family Empowerment Scholarship:  These scholarships are strictly income-based. Student must have spent prior school year in attendance at a Florida public school. Eligible families must complete income verification process via or
    • Florida Tax Credit Scholarship:  These scholarships are strictly income-based. Families who are financially eligible should visit either the SUFS website at or AAA Scholarship website at Florida Tax Credit Scholarship funds are limited so it is imperative that families apply as soon as the window for the following year’s scholarship applications opens.
    • Gardiner (PLSA) Scholarship:  This scholarship is for students with certain special needs. Please visit their websites at or for specific information and to make application.

For more information about Teaching and Professional Practices Services from the Florida Department of Education, visit